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Steam Queen is an e-liquid manufacturing company established in 2014, based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia and has been running the business ever since. Some of the famous e-liquid brands that Steam Queen has produced are Oat Drips, Kings of Clouds, Soulkeeper, Dialog, Cake Drips, Energy Drips, Bit Drips, and Pop Cloud.

Throughout the journey, one of the e-liquid made by Steam Queen, which is Oat Drips, has won The Most Breakthrough Liquid of The Year II 2022- showing that our product has its own value and characteristic. 

Recently, Steam Queen has produced its new salt-nic fruity e-liquid named GLOZ. GLOZ has five different variants (25mg nicotine with the size of 30ml in each bottle).

Who is Mrs.Annisa and Why Does She Run STEAM QUEEN?

After the grief of losing her loving husband, Bimo Anggaraputra--the founder of STEAM QUEEN in 2021, Mrs Annisa decided to jump into the business. Mrs. Annisa was the wife of Bimo for eleven years.  

Throughout her career, Mrs. Annisa was an Indonesian well-known actress under Genta Buana, a widely known- production house in Indonesia until she was married to Bimo in 2010. After her marriage, she decided to become a housewife where she was known for her loving and caring personality. They were blessed with three beautiful girls and one handsome boy.

Sadly, in 2021, Mrs. Annisa and her four children had to lose Bimo to Covid-19. Following the death of her husband, she became the one who was in charge of the business —also to whom her late husband entrusted her to be his successor.

With all her faith and courage, she turned grief into strength. It can be seen on the launching of a new variant of Oat Drips, which happened just a moment after the loss of her husband. This 7th variant of Oat Drips is named “Oat Drips Chocolate Legacy”. Mrs. Annisa gave her best to fulfill her late husband’s ambition; taking and/or expanding Oat Drips international which she did greatly in this variant.

Mrs. Annisa believed that the legacy which was passed to her gave the strength and reason to keep going—continuing her late husband’s hard work and devotion to lead STEAM QUEEN towards success. 

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